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Manchester's GA field, and as such one of the busiest airfields in the north of England. A lot of flying takes place here, and there's a large population of based aircraft, although unfortunately the more interesting ones are usually hangared.

There are various possibilities for photographs - just walk around (landside, or ask for airside access), and see what turns up in a suitable position.

Beech Duke
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Click on the icons below to see various maps and images relating to Barton airfield. Note that, except for the aerial photograph, these are all external links to other sites, and will open in a new window.

Barton Map   Street Map   Area Map   Aerial Photo
Official CAA Barton airfield map

Courtesy of: NATS Ltd.

Note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (v4.0 or later) installed in order to view this.
Click here to download this from the Adobe site if you need it.

  OS street map of the Barton airfield area

Courtesy of:

  General map of the Barton area
(Barton airfield is approximately at the 'M30 7' point)

Courtesy of:
Maps by Travel

  Aerial photograph of Barton airfield

Courtesy of:

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Manchester/Barton Aerodrome
'Official' web site hosted by the Lancashire Aero Club (the main local operator). Lots of information (mainly of use to pilots/aerial visitors), and a few photos, too. Nice, simple design.

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