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Bristol Aero Collection

A small but interesting museum with the aim of preserving aircraft and engines (and other artifacts) produced by the Bristol Aircraft Company. It's currently located at Kemble airfield, but it's hoped to set up a permanent home at Filton airfield at Bristol sometime in the future, when funds permit. Although the collection isn't particularly large at present, it does include a number of significant aircraft, together with an excellent display of other materials (photographs, original models, mock-ups etc.) related to the Bristol Aircraft Company. It also 'looks after' the aircraft owned by the Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust.

Unfortunately, the rather cramped conditions suffered by the collection at present mean that decent photographs can be difficult to obtain, particularly of the larger exhibits. Hopefully things will improve when it finds a permanent home.

Bristol Britannia
Beagle 206
HS Harrier (PCB test aircraft)
Bristol Sycamore
Bristol Britannia
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The Bristol Aero Collection
'Official' (?) website giving information on opening times, admission charges, facilities, location/directions, as well as a listing of all exhibits with brief details and photos for most.

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