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Fujairah (FJR)

Fujairah is the smallest and least busy of the UAE airports, as well as the newest, but is still worth a visit at least once. The apron apparently has 26 parking spots, although if you see more than half of them in use you're pretty lucky (and a large number of these will probably be occupied by aircraft in storage or long-term parking), although some exceptionally interesting and unusual machines can be seen if you manage to pick the right time to visit.

Having avoided the issue for a long time, and with a strict ban on photography, Fujairah now also issues photographic ramp passes, in common with the other airports in the UAE. As of Jan 2001 these officially cost 300 Dirhams (about 60GBP) per day, although it may be possible to bargain this down a bit if you're lucky. There is talk of implementing a half-day pass for 150 Dirhams, which would certainly be a bit more reasonable - who's going to want to stay here all day anyway? At the moment it's not necessary to apply in advance (although there's obviously no harm in doing it this way) - simply turn up and make your request at the airport information desk. You should bring a copy of your passport and a couple of passport photos - they may not be needed but you never know.
The ramp is pretty much all yours when you've got your permission, although apparently the USAF can be touchy about photos being taken of their aircraft on their regular visits. Quite why is a bit of a mystery, however, as generally they seem to be just standard transport types in for refuelling. You'll probably get an escort to take you around, unlike at Sharjah where you are left to your own devices.

Air Mark Indonesia An-8
Santa Cruz An-8
Volga Atlantic Airlines Yak-42
Safiran Il-76
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General map of the Fujairah area

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Fujairah International Airport U.A.E. (official)
Designed very much as a promotional site for the airport and to attract potential business, but the timetable could be useful when it's done ('under construction' when I last checked in May 2001). Rather confusing navigation, though.

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