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Fagali'i (FGI)

Very surprisingly Apia has two airports to its name, with the one at Fagali'i being by far the more interesting of the two. It's effectively the domestic airport, with Polynesian Airlines' tiny domestic fleet being based here, although in fact many of the flights are technically international ones to nearby American Samoa. Although it's by no means busy, at least something happens here (unlike at Apia-Faleolo!), with perhaps 8-10 movements on a good day. It's also far more convenient than Faleolo, being only a few minutes drive east from the centre of Apia.

Although most of the airstrip seems to be surrounded by trees it should be possible to get some reasonable shots from around the 'terminal' with care. You could try asking for airside access but, ironically, the only time anyone is likely to be here to ask is when a flight is due, and this will therefore be the least suitable time to allow unknown people airside.
It's also possible to get landing shots from the road that passes under the final approach to Runway 10, but you'll need to have some idea of the schedules if you want to avoid sitting around for a couple of hours waiting for something to happen.

Polynesian Airlines  DHC-6
Polynesian Airlines  BN-2 Islander
Samoa Air  DHC-6
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Area Map
General map of the Apia area

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