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Indian Air Force Museum

An excellent museum devoted to the history and exploits of the Indian Air Force since its inception in 1932. Although by no means every type to serve with the Air Force is represented, there is a very good selection of aircraft on display, including a number of rare machines not found elsewhere. There is obviously a good deal of pride taken in the museum and exhibits by the staff here, and the aircraft are all well-preserved.
The museum is located at Palam Air Base, at Indira Gandhi International Airport to the south west of the Indian capital, Delhi. This is very close to the domestic terminal of the airport, but unfortunately doesn't seem to be signposted (at least it wasn't when I visited). It's a relatively short and straightforward (but hot!) walk, however; simply turn left on leaving the terminal and follow the road round - hopefully you shouldn't get lost! Alternatively you could try a taxi, but don't expect the driver to know where the place is. Even if he does, your chances of being 'taken for a ride' are high - agree on a reasonable (ie. low) fare first!

Photography is freely allowed within the confines of the museum itself, quite a surprise considering that you're right next to a major Indian Air Force base, although a suitably high and impenetrable wall prevents any views of this area. The aircraft are generally fairly well-arranged for photography

The majority of the aircraft on public view at the museum are displayed in the single large hangar. This is well-lit and the aircraft are nicely displayed, although the rehousing here of some of the aircraft previously on display outside, together with the addition of a number of new exhibits, has probably made things a bit cramped in places now.

K-813 1589 IC554 IX737 IL860
Westland Wapiti
Westland Lysander
Dassault Ouragon
Ilyushin Il-14

A number of the larger aircraft and helicopters are on view in the outside display area. Note that this doesn't include any of the transport types, which, due to space restrictions, are now all located outside the museum itself on the apron of the adjacent Palam Air Base. Unfortunately the usual tight security found at all Indian military establishments means that these are not accessible to the public, and even surreptitious attempts to find somewhere to peer over the wall are likely to be noticed and actively discouraged!

HE924 IA1329 D-1205 IZ1590 BZ900
B-24 Liberator
Dassault Mystere IVA
HAL HF-24 Marut
Sikorsky S-55
Mil Mi-4
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Despite the name, this site only covers (currently, anyway) the IAF Museum. Includes some limited descriptions and a number of good quality photos for most of the aircraft on display.

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