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Delhi is the capital of India, and is known to have a number of preserved aircraft on display at various locations in the city. Unfortunately most of these are on Air Force or government property, and are therefore not ordinarily accessible to the public. There are a few places, however, where such aircraft can be viewed and photographed.
See also the Indian Air Force Museum.

Jammu and Kashmir Transport Corporation bus station

I came across this aircraft quite by chance when my bus from Kashmir dropped me off at this bus station. Unfortunately I have no idea where it actually is as I was expecting to go to a completely different bus station, and the place I ended up at was as much a surprise to me as finding an old aircraft there! Even the name of the place and/or the bus company may have since changed due to the ongoing civil war that is still continuing in the Indian state of Kashmir (I was lucky enough enough to visit before the troubles began).

Dassault Mystere IVA
Visited on 25 October 1988 Top
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