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Suva (Nausori) (SUV)

Suva, Fiji's capital on the east side of the main island of Viti Levu, has only a small airport, which is actually located closer to the small town of Nausori, about 15 km northeast of Suva. Most of the movements here are domestic flights (the majority of Fiji's domestic air services radiate from Suva rather than Nadi), although there are perhaps one or two international flights per day, mainly local Air Pacific services to other Pacific islands. It's certainly not particularly busy, however, although what there is would probably be described as pretty good 'quality' by most enthusiasts!

The opportunities for photography from public areas around the terminal didn't seem to be too great here, although access to the hangar area didn't seem to pose a problem. As I was only here 'in passing' I didn't have the chance investigate further afield (eg. the ends of the runway).

a) The terminal itself didn't appear to offer much in the way of photographic opportunities, and views of much of the apron seemed to be blocked by trees or other obstructions. However, there are one or two spots beside the terminal which allow decent shots, at least when aircraft are moving. Note that you'd be facing into the sun almost all day here, though, except in the late afternoon.

Sunflower Airlines  DHC-6

b) The most interesting part of Suva airport is probably the hangar area, where aircraft belonging to many of the more obscure Fijian domestic operators can be found. You may be able to get a shot or two from the fence here, depending on where the aircraft are parked, but a polite request at the hangar produced a positive (if rather bemused!) response to a request to look around airside anyway.

Air Wakaya  BN-2 Islander
Vanua Air  BN-2 Islander
Fiji Air  Baron
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Area Map
General map of the Suva/Nausori area

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