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Despite its size and the fact that it's very much the nation's capital, Beijing currently only has one known aircraft on display in the city other than those to be found in the various museums here, although it's entirely possible that there are examples of the ubiquitous 'MiGs' and other more common aircraft elsewhere that simply haven't been documented yet.

Agricultural Exhibition Centre

The Agricultural Exhibition Centre (also known as the Agricultural Museum - the Chinese can be translated either way - although there didnít seem to be any evidence of anything that could really be said to be a museum when I visited) is located to the east of the city centre in the Chaoyang district, an area better known for being the home of many of the foreign embassies in the city. For some unknown reason there is a former China United Airlines Il-18 preserved in the trees here (just visible off to the left when at the main gate). I'm not sure whether the centre/museum is actually open to the public, but the guard at the gate didn't seem to have a problem with me going and taking photos when I inquired. Apparently the aircraft has now been turned into a cafe, so access shouldn't present any problems. Winter is definitely the best time to get any photos, however, as in summer much of the aircraft would probably be obscured by leaves!

ex-CUA  Il-18
Il-18 B-228 ex-China United Airlines
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