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Sydney (SYD)


The Sydney Airport Enthusiast WWW Site
Excellent site, designed to promote the enthusiast's side of Sydney Airport (and apparently with close links to the official site). Contains maps, frequencies, history, runway info, aircraft you'll see, loads of info on ATC procedures, and a very comprehensive viewing spots section. There's also a photo gallery, but unfortunately this part could be a lot better - the pictures have potential, but they're much too big and the quality therefore leaves a lot to be desired. Still, the rest more than makes up for this, and is well worth checking out.

Airlines Servicing Sydney
No pictures, but a listing of all the regular aircraft you're likely to see at Sydney (with reg's). Supposedly affiliated with the 'Sydney Airport Enthusiast' site, but there only appears to be a link one way and not the other!

Plane Spotting in New South Wales
A very useful site if you're planning on doing any touring around the southeastern part of Australia, consisting of a list of what must be almost every airfield in this area, together with brief location and layout details, and what you can expect to see at each. No detailed descriptions or photos, but a great resource nonetheless.

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