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 Australia (WA)
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RAAFA Aviation Museum

An excellent museum located in the suburb of Bull Creek, about 10 km south of Perth. There are about 30 aircraft here, together with a huge amount of other material and exhibits, mostly relating to the history of aviation in Western Australia. As well as the actual aircraft (all of which are in superb condition or undergoing active restoration), the displays are extremely informative and well-presented, and a visit here should not missed.

Whilst almost all the aircraft are displayed under cover, and therefore in an excellent state of preservation, this does make things very tricky for photography, particularly with regards to the larger aircraft.

G-AUDK VH-AJH A20-688 PK481 NX622
Bristol Tourer (replica)
CAC Wirraway
Spitfire F22
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Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia - The Bullcreek Collection
Interesting, although not very 'consistent', website, with plenty of information relating to the collection. Some fascinating and extremely detailed articles on some of the museum's more significant aircraft and WA aviation history, but not too much about the collection in general. Does include useful opening/access details, however.

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