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Perth is the capital of Western Australia, and one of Australia's most beautiful cities. Apart from the airports and the RAAFA Museum (described separately) there isn't really very much in the way of aviation interest in the city itself.

Perth Helipad

The Perth city helipad is located next to Riverside Drive, alongside the Swan River. It has no based aircraft and is used mainly for scenic flights over the city and surrounding areas. Although it can be used by helicopters at any time, the only time you can be reasonably sure of seeing anything is on a weekend afternoon, when the joyflights operate.

Bell 206
Great Northern Helicopters  Bell 206
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Midland    Archives

Midland is a suburb of Perth, to the north of the city, which for many years (from 1987 to 2000) had a DC-3 on display as an attraction at the local McDonald's here. Due to rising costs and the difficulty of upkeep, however, it was eventually sold, and moved to the old RAAF airstrip at Caversham in February 2000.

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