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Kalgoorlie (KGI)

Kalgoorlie, about 600 km east of Perth, is the 'gold capital' of Australia and, although a mere shadow of its former glory, is still a large enough town and major tourist centre to be home to possibly the busiest regional airport in Western Australia. The airport is about 7 km from the town centre, and, in addition to being home to quite a large general aviation community, has a number of daily flights to both Perth and Adelaide as well as to other smaller towns in the region. Unless you're actually travelling between Perth and Adelaide anyway, however, it is very much off the beaten track, and there are probably few enthusiasts who would be willing to spend the time and money required to come here simply for the aircraft, although it's a fascinating place in its own right, and well worth a visit if you are 'in the area'.

Unfortunately, it's so long since I visited Kalgoorlie that I have no recollection of where the shots below were actually taken. Presumably they were taken from around the terminal area, although the airport also appears to have a couple of other largish aprons. Wherever they were taken from, there was obviously no problem in getting decent shots of any movements from the fence, as it appears that pretty much everything taxiied past this spot.

VH-JVO VH-LCO VH-UNS A7-090 A17-032
Western Airlines  Cessna 310
GAS  Cessna 310
Cessna 152
Royal Australian Army Kiowa
Visited on 28 November 1989 Top of page


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Official Kalgoorlie airport map
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 Courtesy of: Airservices Australia
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  General map of the Kalgoorlie area

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