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Jandakot (JAD)

Jandakot airfield, about 20 km south of Perth, is by far the busiest airfield in WA, and one of the busiest in Australia. There are around 300 aircraft based here, and flying is pretty much constant. In addition to being a major flying training base (both Singapore Airlines and China Southern have found it more efficient to have their basic flying colleges here rather than in their home countries due to the excellent weather, amongst many others), it is also home to all kinds of other operators (including warbirds, survey, general maintenance from all over WA etc), and the chance of a visit should definitely not be missed.

In general, photography at Jandakot shouldn't present any major problems. The landside/airside boundary is marked by a waist-high fence in most places, easily allowing shots of anything parked within range. I don't know whether general airside access is likely to be granted, but requests at individual spots along the way will probably be successful. There is a viewing area on top of a small hill by the control tower which gives good views out over much of the airfield, but unfortunately it's a bit too far from the action for decent photographs.
Assuming you don't get airside access, an afternoon visit is likely to be better in terms of the light conditions.

a) A left turn when arriving at the airfield will take you to a very long apron flanked with a number of hangars at various points along its length. This is definitely the most interesting part of the airfield, with all kinds of 'goodies' to be found here. Many of these should be photographable from the fence, or a request at the individual companies will hopefully allow access.

Aerodata  Trislander
World Geoscience  Skyvan
Ord Air Charter  Islander
VH-AGI / NZ6362

b) Most of the main flying club-type activity takes place from the apron to the right of the approach road. Unfortunately photographs of this area seem to be rather more difficult to obtain due to the presence of some rather large hangars blocking most of the view from the perimeter here. You could try for airside access, but since this area can be extremely busy this is not guaranteed.

VH-FAS / A17-37
Tiger Moth
Grob G115
Grob G115

Wrecks and Relics
Although Jandakot is a major centre for aircraft undergoing maintenance from all over Western Australia, and there are likely to be quite a number in varying states of repair at any given time, there are also a few long-term machines in the Wrecks and Relics category. The RFDS base here has a Mooney preserved on a pole at the entrance, while the Western Australia Museum of Aviation has a storage compound containing all its aircraft, although 'officially' it's based at Ferndale outside Perth! Most of these haven't moved since at least 1989, and the exact status of this organization is somewhat open to speculation.

C-47 Dakota
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JAD Map   Area Map
Official Jandakot airport map
(including other airport information)

 Courtesy of: Airservices Australia
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  General map of the Jandakot area

Courtesy of:
Maps by Travel

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Jandakot Airport (official)
A rather odd site that doesn't really seem to serve much of a purpose beyond providing links and/or contact details for the various companies and businesses based at Jandakot. It does have an interesting panoramic view of the airfield, though.

Jandakot Tower Home Page
Basically a website designed to provide information about the ATC operations at Jandakot, but does include general airfield information (runways, frequencies etc) and a few interesting photos of the airfield, together with some amusing ATC quotes.

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