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 Australia (WA)
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Broome (BME)

Broome is the only settlement of any real size or significance between Darwin and Perth on Australia's west coast, and must be one of the most remote reasonably-sized places in the world - it's 1900 km north to Darwin, and 2350 km south to Perth, with practically nothing in between! Due to the fact that there's literally nowhere else for miles around, Broome is the region's air hub and probably the most important airport in WA after Perth, although it's by no means busy. Its remoteness will probably 'discourage' all but the most dedicated enthusiast, but for those that do venture out here there are a number of interesting based aircraft, almost none of which will be seen at any other major centre. The current airport is also one of the most 'downtown' airports anywhere in the world, and is within walking distance of just about anywhere in Broome itself. There have been plans to relocate the airport to a more suitable site further from the town for many years now to allow for development of the area, particularly by allowing unrestricted flights to Australia's east coast or to SE Asia, but an ongoing dispute over who actually owns the land is still unresolved, and the current airport looks set to remain for many more years yet.
Although still in the same location, the airport has undergone major development since I visited in 1989, and things would seem to have changed significantly since then. From the enthusiast's point of view the biggest change (apart from the increase in the number and variety of aircraft to be seen) is probably the relocation of all the general aviation aircraft to a new parking area on the opposite side of the runway from the original apron, which is now used mainly for scheduled air transport movements.

When I visited Broome back in 1989 there was no problem at all in getting airside access for photos, from where all the shots below were taken. Nowadays, however, with all the development that has since taken place, this may no longer be the case, and you may have to content yourself with the usual landside vantage points, at least on the main apron (although the GA area may be more accessible). A look at the current airport facilities map (see the links below), however, would seem to indicate that there's some kind of viewing area in the main terminal overlooking the apron, which would be ideal for photos at least in the morning, and there are probably various other spots around the perimeter here as well.

Skywest  Beech 200
Interair  MU-2
Coastwatch  AC 500S
Aero Commander 500S
Alligator Airways DHC-2 (floats)
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BME Map   Area Map
Official Broome airport map
(including other airport information)

 Courtesy of: Airservices Australia
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  General map of the Broome area

Courtesy of:
Maps by Expedia.com Travel

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Broome International Airport (official)
A very nice site, with pretty much everything you could want to know about the airport, whether as a passenger, a user or an enthusiast. Includes some excellent maps, useful airport data, and an interesting and informative history of air services in the Broome area. Well worth a look.

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