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 American Samoa
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Pago Pago (PPG)

Pago Pago airport is the only international airport serving American Samoa although, like most airports in the region, it sees only a very limited number of flights. The only regular services are local/regional flights to the outer islands and Samoa, with a twice-weekly Hawaiian Air service to Hawaii being the only other schedule (unless this has now ceased). Due to its position as the only (nominal) American territory in the South Pacific, however, it does get a certain number of US military flights staging through, although it's just pot-luck as to whether any would be present during a typical visit.
Unfortunately Pago Pago itself is one of the world's least pleasant places to spend any amount of time, and the only real reason to come here is to be able to catch a flight to one of the much nicer outer islands (there's no other way to get to them). If you are unlucky enough to have to spend some time here, then you could try heading down to Pago Pago harbour. This is apparently one of the world centres (!) for tuna fishing and canning, and there will almost certainly be plenty of tuna fishing boats around. Many of these carry a helicopter for tuna spotting, so you may be able to photograph one or two of these if you're lucky.

Whether there are any decent landside spots for photography at Pago Pago is unknown. A quick look around the terminal area prior to boarding my flight didn't seem to reveal anywhere useful, but there may be other possibilities around the end of Runway 05 if you had the time and inclination to search these out (Runway 23 extends out into the sea, so you'd need a boat for this end). Once in the departure lounge, however, there are good views out over the small apron.

N28SP 50259
Samoa Air  DHC-6
USAF/AMC  C-141 Starlifter
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Area Map
General map of the Pago Pago area

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