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 American Samoa
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Ofu (OFU)

Ofu is a tiny, beautiful and extremely remote island in the Manua group of American Samoa. There are no regular ship services here so, unless you have a yacht, the only way to get here is by air. The airstrip consists of a (surprisingly sealed) runway squeezed onto the only available bit of flat land on the island, together with a basic but adequate terminal building. Apparently there are plans to expand the airstrip here by building a new runway, apron and terminal, but since there are no more than about four flights a day here at most, quite why anyone would even consider something like this is a bit of a mystery!

Ofu must be one of the most photographer friendly airports in the world, with absolutely no restrictions whatsoever. There isn't even a fence around the apron or the runway! Just choose your spot, wait for something to happen, and then stroll back to the beach. It's also probably one of the only places in the world where you can walk along the centreline of the entire runway, in no danger of either being prosecuted by the authorities or of being hit by an aircraft, although the whole thing is a rather surreal experience, to say the least!

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Area Map
General map of the Ofu area

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